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About our Intensive Courses

Here in Daventry we have over 10 qualified ADI driving instructors working at Swift Drive who, combined, have over 100 years of experience.

Passing quickly and first time is what the majority of learners want out of their driving lessons. The best way to do this is to book an intensive driving course.

We cover your short notice tests and help you gain more confidence to pass first time.

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    Testimonial by Pete Tompkin in Daventry
    "I wanted to get my test over and done with so I booked a cancellation test which was rather close. I already had over 30 hours of experience so I just needed help with erasing any bad habits I may of picked up. Swift Drive only gave me the tuition I needed and helped me pass my test first time."
    Testimonial by Kyle Wiggins in Daventry
    "Daventry is a popular area with not many driving instructors so I was quite frustrated when I couldn't find anyone to take me for my test which was 3 days away. Luckily Swift Drive managed to give me a couple of extra lessons as well as covering my test, and I'm pleased to say that the professional help both inside the office and the car was amazing. "

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