We offer residential courses in different areas of the UK. If you choose to do our residential course then you are significantly increasing your chances of passing first time.

We are based in Milton keynes and we can arrange for you to stay in a hotel which has Wifi and is close to the driving test area. Typical hotel cost is £50-70 a night (quote available on request)

The benefits of the residential course in Milton Keynes

  • We offer test route videos of the area, so you can learn them in between lessons – this saves time, money and gives you a higher chance of passing.
  • In the event you need extra hours, we have so many instructors in Milton Keynes we will be able to assist your requirements
  • We have over 40 instructors in the MK area so we can choose an instructor that would be best suited to you based on what you tell us about yourself.
  • With no distractions or anything bothering you, you can concentrate on getting the job done – passing first time.
  • Choose your car type, we probably have it available for you. Ideal for those who have practice or learnt in a car they are familiar with.

Residential courses in other areas of the UK

  • If you need the driving¬†licence asap and the waiting time for a test near you is too long then a residential course someone in the UK where the waiting time is just 1-2 weeks may benefit you.
  • Another instance is where you may prefer a quick test in an unknown area is when your theory is about to expire.