Whenever someone calls us up to enquire about or book their driving lessons, they frequently ask how many driving lessons or hours they will need in order to be test ready. This is by far our most commonly asked question, and understandably so.

Nobody wants to hear the response, “how long is a piece of string?” There are many instructors out there who don’t share the same ambition as Swift Drive and don’t believe in setting goals for the pupil to aim for either.

If you are really unsure of how many hours you need or would like to be thorough and give yourself yourself the best possible chance of passing first time then we recommend you should try our 6 hour assessment day.

Read more about a 6 Hour Assessment Day

Our first time pass rate is 90.5% for pupils who have decided to take our 30 hour course. That’s why we offer the free re-test for this course to back up our pass rate.

What is the national average ?

The last set of statistics released by the DVSA a number of years ago claimed the average pupil learning to drive took 45 hours plus 22 hours private practice. This was based on having weekly lessons.

What is Swift Drive’s average ?

It’s difficult for us to monitor the average amount of hours our pupils take as they have often had lessons before with other driving instructors and experience weekly lessons were long, not very productive and often skills learn’t were forgotten by the next lesson.

What we do know is you have a 90.5% chance of passing first time with us when you do a 30 hour course or more. If you don’t pass, then we will pay for your second test.