When a driving instructor takes a pupil down for a driving test they are ultimately saying to the examiner conducting the test “I believe my pupil today has a reasonable chance or more of passing today”. If an instructor takes a pupil down for a driving test and they are categorically not ready then there are consequences.

The examiner will usually abort the driving test and walk back to the test centre leaving you – the pupil in the car.

The examiner is there to mark the your driving test, not protect the car nor give a driving lesson, so If you aren’t in control and the examiner is having to use the dual controls or go for the steering wheel then there is a high chance the test will be aborted.

As a result of the test being aborted the examiner will be unhappy with the instructor and may choose to report the instructor, which in the long run may jeopardise the instructor’s future to teach.

Options, If you are not ready for test

In the unlikely event you are not ready for your test your instructor will conduct a mock test using an hour out of your course to help you understand why you are not ready and what is required to be ready.

If you receive more than 3 major faults within the mock test then our instructor has the right to not take you for test. Your test won’t be cancelled, unless you ask us to cancel the test, so if you can find an alternative means of doing the test (for example: using parents/friend’s car which is insured) then you can still go for the test, but be very aware the examiner may abort the test in the interests of safety.

More Lessons

Time permitting, your instructor may say to you he/she can accommodate more lessons to give you a better chance of taking the test. If you both agree to increase the hours before the test, then the instructor will honour taking you for the test regardless if you are ready or not.

Reschedule test

There may be an option to reschedule the test as long as you have 3 working days notice. If you would like to do this you will need to call us straight away and we can arrange an alternative test date. On the approach to you new test date we can schedule the hours in you need to give you the best possible chance of passing first time.