Young girl taking intensive driving lessons with Swift Drive

Every year, many young people start to learn to drive. Of course, all of them want that process to be as quick as possible and fortunately, Swift Drive has been around long enough to recognise that demand and has a selection of intensive driving courses to choose from.

Intensive driving lessons allow a student to learn how to drive safely in the best learning environment with a fully qualified driving instructor. Your intensive driving course is designed to help you pass your driving test in 1-2 weeks, depending on your current driving ability. Naturally, some people learn quicker than others, but our intensive lessons have proven to be a major success.

Benefits of Intensive Courses

  • Financial savings on regular driving lessons
  • Get to a test standard much faster
  • Be ready to take your test in 1-2 weeks
  • Gain your driving licence in the quickest fashion (and safest)

Swift Drive specialises in intensive driving lessons in Milton Keynes and offers a full selection of semi and fully intensive driving course packages.

When you contact us here at Swift, we will discuss your current state of learning and recommend the best course that we have available. After all – if you have already taken 20 hours of lessons elsewhere, it would be silly to book you in for a further 30!

Swift Drive works in more than 50 locations across the UK and works with a number of instructors that provide driving lessons London. Offering intensive courses and tuition in the larger cities that the UK has to offer.

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